A Network Like You Never Seen Before…

We have Datacentre’s in

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • New Zealand
  • Los Angeles

Our Network is Different!

Our CrazyPBX network has double Redundancy: automatic failover between Sydney & Melbourne.

Our SIP Trunking network has sextuple Redundancy: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, New Zealand, & Los Angeles

Why Choose Crazytel?

You see other countries, like America, that seem to have the cheapest and the most technologically advanced systems. Well, we have brought that technology and price to Australia! We're changing this industry up

Instant Setup

All our HostedPBX & SIP Trunk plans have instant setup.

Australian Owned

Have peace of mind knowing Crazytel is 100% Australian owned and operated.

Connect Anywhere

Travelling overseas? You can use our services anywhere!

User-Friendly Settings

You don't have to be technical; we designed our portals to be user-friendly!

No Contracts

No contracts EVER - we don't believe in contracting customers. It's our motto to always keep our customers happy, so they don't leave!

Crazytel Builds its own technology, so we build our network to make your business communications hassle free.
Here are just some of our features.

No Hardware Required – Use CrazyTel’s Softphone

CrazyPBX Gives you the flexibility with how and where you make and receive Calls. If you don’t want to buy or use hardware IP Phones, you can use CrazyTel’s Softphone application on your mobile or computer which is included FREE of Charge with each extension. Receive and make calls anywhere in the world, all you need is internet connectivity.

Available on

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

CrazyPhone Features

  • Make and Receive Calls
  • Send & Receive SMS (With Virtual Mobile Numbers)
  • Free Push Notifications
*Desktop Softphone Applications cannot be used with Crazytels SIP Trunk product. All softphones can be used with CrazyPBX Extentions.