Virtual Fax Features

Free Number Porting

Port your current Fax number from any Australian provider for free.

Instant Setup

Start sending and receiving faxes within minutes of sign up. You also receive a $2 sign up bonus to test!

No Hidden Cost

Only pay for what you use. Stop paying dead money on subscriptions.

Email to Fax

Email to fax is an easy way to send your faxes quickly and conveniently from email. Send from anywhere with an internet connection.

nbn™ Compatible

Need to remove the old fax machine? No problem! Use email to fax and Fax to email today.

Email to Fax

Security Options

  • * TLS "Transport Layer Security"

  • * ‘Auto Delete’ Sent Faxes from Crazytel Servers.

  • * Security Options are Optional.

Fax to Email

Security Options

  • * PDF Password Protection.

  • * PGP encryption (Optional)

  • * ‘Auto Delete’ Received Faxes from Crazytel Servers.

Secure Fax to Email Features

Option to ‘Auto Delete’
Received Faxes From Crazytel Servers.

Account Audit Log

OCR support

OCR Support (optional) extra $0.0025 per secure fax page received

Unlimited Fax

File formats

File formats PDF and TIF, or have both!

Crazytel Secure Fax to email can be used for several
industries and products including:

  • Authorizations
  • Secure internet fax changes orders image
  • Change Orders
  • Secure internet fax confirmation image
  • Confirmations
  • Secure internet fax contracts image
  • Contracts
  • Secure internet fax finance forms images
  • Finance Forms
  • Secure internet fax grant image
  • Secure internet fax invoices image
  • Invoices
  • Secure internet fax legal image
  • Legal Files
  • Secure internet fax loan image
  • Loan applications
  • Secure internet fax medical image
  • Medical Files
  • Secure internet fax purchase order image
  • Grant requests
  • Reports Financial
  • Secure internet fax statements
  • Statements
  • Secure internet fax tax
  • Tax Information
  • Purchase Orders
  • Secure internet fax financial
  • Secure internet fax human resource image
  • Human Resources documents

Physical Security

All Crazytel servers are securely hosted with the highest of security standards and restricted access using one of Australia’s most prominent and safest data centres in Australia.

Data Sovereignty

Crazytel is 100% Australian owned and operated. Data sovereign processing ensures all fax data is stored and processed only within Australia before being delivered to the intended recipient.

In Addition, Crazytel has Stringent Measures to
Protect Infrastructure Security.

  • Secure data centres with biometric door lock (fingerprint access to approved contractors only)
  • Update security notifications – Software updates for security vulnerabilities completed on receipt of notifications
  • Access to all servers is encrypted password authentication inhibited by SSHD configuration (only private key authentication is accepted)
  • IRAP Assessments and Compliance Regulations on secure locations completed independently by suppliers and annually checked
  • Demilitarised Zone Server restricted access, granted to employees by Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Debian Operating Systems with locally stored encrypted access restricted manner with Linux style password/shadow systems for logins (no Active Directory utilized)
  • No passwords are stored on fax service servers
  • Local IP Tables Firewall protected – Combined with Mailsender only (no incoming mail) and Database server endpoints secured ensures security control and provides a high level of vulnerability risk management