About Crazytel.com.au

Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

About Crazytel.com.au

Crazytel was thought about in 2017 when it's sister company Clarity Networks was looking at ways to improve the Australian market/competition. Crazytel network is not new, and it has been used in the international market for the last three years.

We have used this time, making our system more suited to the "Australian" market.

Clarity Networks terminates more than 2 Billion minutes a year. This has given us the ability to create Crazytel and be one of the most competitive players in the VoIP industry.

We own our network; all our systems have been made in-house to be one of the most sophisticated redundant networks in Australia. We are constantly improving our network and systems daily; We will continue to invest in our network, so we are always one step ahead of other players in the market.

Crazytel believes one of the most important aspects of VoIP is redundancy, and we want your business to receive calls no matter what.