Lots of Features

Receive SMS to your email. (Free)

2 Way SMS

Send SMS via Crazytel Portal – 5c per SMS.

Voicemail to email (Free)

Auto Attendants (Free)

Call Forwarding

Ring Groups (Free)


Give your business an approachable feel, for a personal touch.

Forward your calls to your landline or mobile phone.

Reach more customers with incoming calls and two-way text message.

Register for apps and websites that require SMS verification.

Keep work and personal calls separate, even if you’re using the same phone.

Some of the reasons to have a Virtual Mobile Number?

If you have a sales team that is often on the road and uses their mobile phones as their primary source of contact, you can assign a Virtual Mobile Number so each salesperson, with the calls routed from the Virtual Mobile Number to their actual number. This allows you to keep your number even if a staff member, particularly a sales team member, leaves.

How do Virtual Mobile Numbers work?

Virtual Mobile Numbers are numbers which exist within the network and are assigned to a particular user i.e., a business. The business can then decide how they want to deploy that number – either as their main number, for SMS messages or for individual staff numbers. The Virtual Mobile Numbers can then be re-routed to another number, allowing a business to make sure all calls are coming through. A business could have multiple Virtual Mobile Numbers, deployed in different ways if they wished.