All You Need is a Computer or Android, iOS Capable Mobile Phone.

Work from Home

CrazyPhone lives on the mobile devices and desktops you and your Team already use every day, so it's designed to let you #workfromanywhere #workfromhome

Web Portal

Crazytel created a web portal to manage every feature Crazytel has to offer with instant provisioning.

Voicemail to Email (Free)

Receive voicemail to your email box near instantly so you can listen to your voice mails on the go.

Ring Groups (Free)

Setup ring groups and have your phone numbers, extensions or physical telephones ring together simultaneously.

Auto Attendant (Free)

Setup an Auto-attendant (or automated attendant) to have a voice menu that allows callers to be transferred to a Sip Trunk without going through a telephone operator or receptionist.

Announcements (Free)

Play Announcements to callers and then send them to a different destination once the announcement has been played.

Local Phone Number

Build your brand and establish credibility with Crazytel by leveraging local phone numbers. You can assign area codes based on your office locations rather than using a randomly assigned number from a database instantly.

Caller ID

Crazytel provides flexible Caller ID options that help to improve communication and increase productivity. Caller ID lets the receivers instantly know who's calling before they answer the call, creating better customer experiences and making it easier for your teams to do their jobs well.

Crazytel Features

A unified communications platform that connects your teams through voice, video, messages, Crazytel provides a comprehensive suite of advanced features to help streamline your business communications and improve productivity.

Porting Number

Being able to keep your business or home phone number when you change service providers is essential. Crazytel makes it easy for you to port existing phone numbers from your current phone service provider to your Crazytel account without any interruption in service.

CrazyPhone – Softphone

Android & iOS 100% Free to Download!