Residential VoIP Plans

One plan. No Contracts. Use as much or as little as you like. No monthly fees, no connection fees, what more could you want?


Calls to Australian mobiles are only 5c a minute!

per month - Pay as you Go


Some Interesting Facts:
All pricing includes GST; all calls are billed in one second blocks; no call connection fees; most ATAS, VoIP Gateways, IP phones, Soft Phones & Virtual PBXs are compatible with our SIP Trunks. See Critical Information Summary for full details.

Unlimited Channels!

Want more than one phone in your house? Have teenagers? Maybe grandparents? With Crazytel Residential SIP Trunks, you get ten channels instantly, but you can upgrade or downgrade in our customer portal at any time. We also have unlimited SIP endpoints (registrations).

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Quick Pricing / Feature Overview

Here, you will find some more information on our Residential SIP Trunk Plan. Please contact us if you have not discovered the answer you are looking for. If you are looking for SIP trunks for your business, please go to the Business SIP Trunk page.


per month
+ $1.00 Setup Fee

Phone Numbers

All Australian Capital City DID's (Phone Numbers) Are only $1.00 a month including GST. Have as many as you like!


No Charge

SIP Registrations

You can have unlimited SIP endpoints (registrations) there is no fee/charge for this service.


per Single CAT A Port

Keep Your Number

Bring your existing telephone number over to Crazytel. Porting fee & monthly fee of $1.00 applies*

International Calling

Crazytel has some of the cheapest international rates in Australia. Stop paying too much; call your family for less!

Crazytel Residential
SIP Trunking Features

We also offer the following services to cover your most demanding

Instant Number

Order Australian DIDs 24/7 with instant provisioning.

Automatic Location
Based Routing

You are always automatically routed to the closest POP for the best performance.


You can connect your home-based PBX to our SIP trunks if you want cool features.


All of our locations are joined. If any of our networks go down, you will be routed to a second-closest site within 60 seconds.


We support G711 & G729 Codecs.


24/7 user account to view analytics in real-time.

SIP trunking

Frequently asked questions

Do I need internet?

Yes! You will need a reliable internet connection. Crazytel does not sell internet products. There are many internet providers to choose from if you don't currently have internet.

What happens if my internet goes down?

Your SIP registrations will drop. Call forward will still work if it has been configured through our portal. We suggest if your telephone is essential for you to invest in a 4G backup service.

What is the quality like?

If you have a reliable internet connection, the quality is just like your mobile phone or your PSTN line (and often better).

Is it reliable?

Yes! Crazytel has a quadruple redundancy network - we are one of the few Australian companies that has such an extensive enterprise failover network.

Is there a minimum monthly spend?

No! Our residential SIP trunks are 100% pre-paid pay as you go. If you don't use our service, you don't pay! If you have an active DID(s) on your account, you will still be charged for your DID's monthly fee regardless of use.

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