CrazyVPN Router

How does it work? The functionality of this device is fairly straightforward. It connects directly to any available LAN port on your modem or router. After this, all that's left is to connect your existing ATA, Onsite PBX, IP Phone, or even a POE switch if you have multiple phones, into the LAN port of the CrazyVPN Router. Once this setup is completed, all VoIP traffic to Crazytel will be routed securely through a VPN tunnel.

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$99.00 Once off
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Monthly Costs:
$4.95 Per
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How does it make VoIP more reliable? The CrazyVPN router significantly enhances the reliability of VoIP by effectively circumventing common networking challenges such as SIP ALG and CGNAT issues. In instances where your Starlink network may encounter occasional dropouts, the CrazyVPN router is designed to rapidly reestablish its connection to the CrazyVPN network. This is a notable feature, as many devices typically struggle with swift reconnection. Therefore, the use of the CrazyVPN router in your network can ensure a smoother and more consistent VoIP experience.

The monthly cost for using the CrazyVPN router is billed on a per-device basis. Please note that the router is specifically configured to work with the Crazytel VoIP network. However, if you decide to discontinue the use of CrazyVPN, we provide a free unlocking service for your devices. It's also important to understand that for security purposes, direct access to the CrazyVPN Router is not permitted. This policy helps maintain the integrity of your secure connection, ensuring a consistent and reliable service. CrazyVPN router will be shipped by express post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a 4G USB modem to the CrazyVPN Router and have fail over?

Yes, absolutely! We highly recommend buying an E3372 USB 4G Modem for this specific purpose. After activating the device with your 4G service provider, all you need to do is plug it into the USB port on the CrazyVPN Router. Then, contact our technical team for assistance. Our specialists will remotely configure your CrazyVPN router, which allows for a seamless failover between your main internet connection and your 4G connection for your VoIP service. This provides an added level of reliability, ensuring uninterrupted VoIP communication even if your primary internet connection encounters problems.

Will all my internet traffic be routed through the VPN?

No, not all of your traffic will be routed through the VPN. Only VoIP traffic intended for the Crazytel VoIP network will be directed through the VPN tunnel. This configuration ensures that your regular internet usage remains unaffected, while your VoIP communication enjoys the enhanced security and reliability provided by the VPN.

I am not technical savvy, can I still use this?

Absolutely, you don't need to be technically savvy to use this device. It's designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. With just three simple steps of plugging in the necessary cables, you're all set up! Our aim is to make secure and reliable VoIP communication accessible to everyone, irrespective of their technical know-how.

Will the CrazyVPN router work with other VoIP Providers?

No, the CrazyVPN router is specifically designed to work exclusively with Crazytel services. You would need to use a Crazytel SIP-Trunk or CrazyPBX extension for proper functionality. The VPN connection established by the CrazyVPN router only routes Crazytel-related traffic, ensuring a secure and optimized path for your VoIP communication needs.

Do I need to buy another modem or device?

No, you do not need to purchase any additional modem or device. The CrazyVPN router is highly versatile and compatible with any internet connection, modem, router, switch, and ATA or IP Phone device. The only requirement is an available LAN port on your modem/router. Alternatively, it can be connected directly to a switch that is already plugged into your modem/router. This makes the integration of the CrazyVPN router into your existing network infrastructure both simple and cost-effective.

Will my calls be Secure?

Absolutely, your calls will indeed be secure. By utilizing the CrazyVPN Router, your calls undergo full encryption. This means that all the information transmitted during your calls is converted into a coded format, effectively preventing unauthorized access. In other words, this level of security ensures that your conversations remain private and protected from potential eavesdropping or data breaches.

I don’t have a home or business phone, what else do I need?

If you don't currently have a home or business phone, the simplest solution is to purchase a GrandStream HT801 ATA. You can buy this directly from your account once it's been created. After purchasing, simply plug the Grandstream HT801 into the LAN port of the CrazyVPN router. This setup will allow you to access reliable VoIP services without the need for a traditional phone system, providing a cost-effective and flexible communication solution.

Can I use the CrazyVPN Router on any Internet Connection or Equipment?

Absolutely, the CrazyVPN Router is versatile and designed to operate with any internet connection or equipment. Its primary aim is to ensure seamless VoIP functionality, regardless of your existing setup. The fundamental requirement is a reliable internet connection.

This router proves particularly effective in scenarios where some modems struggle with VoIP handling due to Network Address Translation (NAT) or SIP Application Layer Gateway (SIPALG) issues.

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